What would the financial planning relationship look like?

Throughout the engagement, you will find support, education, and advice.
You will always have access to recommendations tailored to your goals and be able to track your progress.
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Step 1

Complimentary Get Acquainted Meeting

  • Start with your most pressing questions or concerns

  • Get to know a little about your loved ones, values, interests, and concerns

  • Review your financials at a high level

  • Discuss Next Play Financial services

  • Discuss next steps and future meetings

Step 2

Welcome Meeting​

  • Continuation of Discovery Meeting and answer questions regarding the process and timeline

  • Review Agreements/Contract and answer any questions

  • Work together to get you organized

  • Get current statements in order: bank accounts, investment accounts, retirement accounts, health savings accounts, credit cards, mortgages, student loans, insurance policies, benefits package, education accounts, two years of tax returns, and estate documents (wills, trusts, powers of attorney, advanced medical directives, if available)

  • Give you a system to keep your financials organized in the future

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Step 3

Explore Possibilities and Set Realistic and
Achievable Goals

  • Review your current cash flow

  • Examine savings rate and where to save

  • What are your short, intermediate, and long-term goals

  • Are you on track to meet those goals

  • How to invest to meet your goals

  • Which accounts to open or close

  • How to best repay existing debt

  • Which policies to update or change

  • Illustrate several scenarios to show options for meeting goals

  • Determine your appropriate investment risk profile and investment allocation strategy

Step 4

Review Strategies and Create Game Plan to best reach your goals. Which could include, but not limited to:

  • Adequate emergency fund for your current situation

  • Minimize tax exposure by reviewing risks and opportunities

  • Education planning: determine funding levels and evaluate options

  • Asset protection: appropriate levels of insurance, asset titling, and protective documents

  • Customized NPF Game Plan

Execute Solutions

Step 5

Ongoing Meetings

Explore Additional Opportunities, Prioritize Implementation, Make Progress, and Review and Adjust


  • Review and discuss implementation of high priority items from your Customized NPF Game Plan

  • Monitor investments and portfolio rebalancing

  • Tax planning strategies

  • Open enrollment review

  • Need for HSAs - Monitoring insurance needs

  • Cash flow reviews - Savings rates and budgeting

  • Major expenditures - Home, property, wedding, remodel, auto, dream vacation, etc.

  • Identify additional plannings needs and/or goals